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“I had seen Juan’s “Advanced Handyman Services” sign posted in my town and needed what I believed to be a rotting exterior trim board replaced on my screen porch.  I called Juan and he came over on a Sunday to take a look at the potential job. When Juan began the work a few days later he quickly found upon removing the trim board that the problem was well beyond the trim board and indeed water and carpenter ant damage were severe through a section of the main support beam for the porch. Juan arranged his calendar to spend that day and the next 2 days removing trim and siding, removing and replacing a significant section of the main support beam, replacing and painting all of the trim and siding.  Throughout the process Juan was pleasant and professional to communicate with and clearly demonstrated his analytical, engineering, and construction capabilities.  To his credit, we were so pleased with Juan’s work that we added some kitchen and door repair to our “fix it” list while he was with us.   Juan takes pride in his work and is a very good with his communication with the customer.  He is prompt, lives to his commitments, and is very fair in his pricing.   My experience has been that Juan is reliable and trustworthy and very capable in his talents. I will continue to work with Juan where his skills are needed at my home and I will not hesitate to recommend him to others. ”
Bruce, Litchfield, NH
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“Juan Diaz is a reliable and trustworthy handyman service. Over the years, he has performed numerous repair and painting jobs at my house to my satisfaction. He is professional, always arrives promptly, and completes the job as scheduled.  
I recommend him highly.”
Dan, Burlington, MA
AHS Logo a  sign of quality workmanship. Carpentry.
"My home is a 275 year old colonial. Along with the charm, an old house brings a host of major and minor repairs. Without vigilant maintenance it would be easy for this property to fall into a state of disrepair. Juan Diaz has been able to perform any task that was asked of him. He takes pride in every job and carries it out to perfection. Juan has also been responsible for landscaping and maintaining the grounds. I have a long commute each day and there is never time for yardwork. It is a joy to come home to a pristine yard and enjoy my time off in a beautiful surrounding.   Juan is reliable and trustworthy. He instinctively knows the needs of this property and performs every chore to perfection. He has diverse talents and has been able to provide plumbing, carpentry and landscaping services. He is fair in his pricing and always has the job done when promised.   I am always happy to recommend Advanced Handyman Services to friends and neighbors."
Nancy, Georgetown, MA
AHS Logo a  sign of quality workmanship. Carpentry.